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Milkman Presents: Interstellar Funk India Tour

Interstellar Funk

Olf van Elden is Interstellar Funk, a young Dutch producer whose sound stands out because of its imperfections, its human warmth and its rough charm. Full of timeless melody that really makes you feel something, both his productions and his DJ sets are daring and thought provoking, always, marrying up new school sounds with the roots of house and techno, as well as dropping in the occasional new wave along the way.

His first head turning release came on Tom Trago’s Voyage Direct label and was swiftly and ably followed up by an impressive string of tracks on a number of Tape Records sampler EPs. It is here that he has proven his worth amongst a glut of fellow upcoming Dutch producers as the label is part of an Amsterdam collective renowned for its vibrant contributions to the alternative sides of local club culture

Interstellar Funk contributes to his native scene in many other ways, too, and not only as a former resident of the legendary Trouw club, but also thanks to his work for the Rush Hour family. As well as releasing a second new EP with the definitive label in 2015, he is also in charge of searching out new music for the label each and every week.

Interstellar Funk might only just be starting out on his musical journey, but already he has laid down some impressive ground work, both in the studio and in the club, and that is set to continue long into the future.

Since its launch in India, Milkman has successfully toured Baba Stiltz, Ben UFO, and Bake. Milkman has been founded with the intent of playing a leading role in the development of the Indian electronic music market. Milkman believes in high-quality musical curation, innovation, and more importantly, to give music lovers a truly exceptional experience.


12th January, Mumbai 

13th January, Bangalore

14th January, New Delhi

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Milkman Presents: Ben UFO X Bake


As one of the co-founders of Hessle Audio, Ben UFO has been responsible, alongside Pearson Sound and Pangaea, for some of the most varied and ground breaking releases of recent years. Having become immersed in the still emerging dubstep scenes in London and Leeds in 2005, his musical taste was shaped primarily by the DMZ and Sub Dub nights taking place in those cities. However, as tastes have shifted and scenes have fragmented, Ben UFO's approach to the music and to Hessle Audio itself has developed.

As BPMs have dropped and influences have broadened, so too has the vision of Ben UFO's DJing. He remains one of the few DJs in the UK to have made an impact without a production career to fall back on, and as such his reputation is solely the result of his skill as a selector and as a mixer. As a result he remains in a position to fully explore sounds both old and new, across the worlds of house and garage, dubstep and grime, and further into the past. This level of commitment to the dance music of the last two decades has led to a collection of records which reflects the position London has long held as a city responsible for the constant development of forward thinking music.


In 2012, BAKE stepped out of the bedroom and into the clubs as a DJ and solidified the appeals of All Caps ∞, the label he runs with his two best friends Ryan Martin and Matthew Muir. Although barely two years old All Caps has enjoyed a fantastic early reception. After a comparatively short time dedicating himself to the craft Bake has become one of the most talked about young DJs in the UK. He's appeared on Boiler Room, released a widely lauded mixtape for the LuckyMe mix series and was even invited to appear on the Hessle Audio show on Rinse FM in December. No small achievements for a newcomer, and he's aware of it too. 

Both these fine gents will be teaming up this December and we couldn't have asked for a better end to our year. This one is going to be super special.

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Milkman Presents: Baba Stiltz India Tour

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Baba Stiltz:
The only artist to release on Cocoon and October's Very OwnBaba Stiltzis a contemporary force to be reckoned with. Channeling idiosyncratic dance music with pop lubedmelodies and a notion for youthful exuberance. A fantastic DJ who has played at all the best clubs over the world and can count many a big name as a fan.

His most recent release dropped on Stockholm’s Studio Barnhus—the 'Is Everything' EP, a record that hints at his maverick stance. Comfortably hopping from deep house to R&B and touching on all sorts in-between, it seems that he will rule no possibilities out.

After a successful run of events and debut festival 'Dias De Campo' in Spain, Milkman is setting foot in India. Milkman has been founded with the intent of playing a leading role in the development of the Indian electronic music market through high-quality curation, innovation, and more importantly bringing global best practices in giving music lovers, a truly exceptional musical experience.


10th November, New Delhi - https://goo.gl/JoPWVH

11th November, Mumbai - https://goo.gl/vhnVVd

12th November, Bangalore - https://goo.gl/EwQMhZ



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