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Milkman Presents: Red Light Radio India Tour

Red Light Radio is an online radio station broadcasting from an old prostitution window in Amsterdam's Red Light District.

February 2018: After a run of successful tours and events around the country, Milkman is back with another one, this time around showcasing Amsterdam's (in)famous Red Light Radio in March 2018 with residents San Proper, David Vunk & accompanied by India's very own Spacejams.

RED LIGHT RADIO: Red Light Radio is an online radio station broadcasting from a former prostitution window in the red light district of Amsterdam. Red Light Radio brings you daily shows of local DJ’s, live performances and cool personalities doing a one time only radio show. After having Charanjit Singh in 2012 as the first Indian guest at the station, Red Light Radio will be hosting and broadcasting live from India for the very first time with Indian guest artists. 

SAN PROPER: San Proper is a very strong character, and that always rubs off in his many musical endeavours. He is a famously unpredictable DJ who lays down party starting sets of house and disco, electro, afro and acid. He is also a charismatic live performer who places his own vocals and instrument playing skills at the centre of his show, whilst various bits of hardware and digital toys flesh out the grooves. And lastly, he is also an esteemed producer of often feral house and techno sounds on quality labels like Rush Hour and Perlon. He also likes to go against the grain and do the unexpected, and as such runs his own Proper’s Cult label and is a regular on Red Light Radio with his soul show.

DAVID VUNK: Owner of Moustache Records, DJ and Producer for labels as Moustache Records, OMNIDISC, Bordello a Parigi, Electronic Emergencies, Creme Organization, Lunar Disko and many more, David Vunk is the true beast of the harbour city and the main man behind the ever-playful Moustache Records. On this fine imprint he drops his own ace tracks and collaborations besides a wicked list of West-Coast honchos and synth freaks. Known for his wide collection and graceful skills he’s been rocking records since the early 90’s all over Europe. and he might end up on your gig as well.

SPACEJAMS: Yohann Jamsandekar, is one of those artists – fun loving, laconic, and always ready for the night. His appreciation for varied genres of music can be traced back to many dynamic events in the past. To anyone familiar with his eclectic taste in music, this should come as little surprise. Known for blending tracks of various genres ranging from early acid house, pounding techno, unadulterated tech, bass, new wave, indie dance, disco,His music has a journey to offer with deep, sophisticated, fresh, grimey sounds.

MILKMAN: Milkman has been founded with the intent of playing a leading role in the development of the Indian electronic music market through high-quality curation, innovation, and more importantly giving music lovers, a truly exceptional musical experience. 

RLR Broadcast, Bombay - 8th March
RLR Bombay Showcase at Pistolera - 9th March
RLR Bangalore Showcase at The Humming Tree - 10th March

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