An Interview with Alienata 👽

Terminal 1 / Famous Studio / Bombay

Terminal 1 / Famous Studio / Bombay

1.     We’re so happy to have had you for our first festival, Terminal 1. What did you think of India and the scene here?

It was a great one guys, congrats. I was really impressed by the energy of the public and how much they loved  the "snares" haha. I really had the feeling that you are creating something very solid and full of quality High five for that!

2.     You had the chance to see 2 cities in India - what did you'll think of the shows in each city and how different were they? 

Yep, i visited Mumbai & Bangalore. Shows were differents as i played in Mumbai in a big venue and in Bangalore in a small one. Mumbai - Famous Studios gave me a bit of the "european rave vibe" from the first moment and i found Bangalore more "ghettoish". My show in Bangalore was in Koramangala social, small place but totally into acid sounds which is always a good signal!

3.     What was the highlight of your trip?

Definitely to meet so many great people! From India and from Europe, as i didn't know Roi before and it was so sweet to hang out with him.

4.     Favourite meal of the trip?

I loved all the food i had... but specially that "king prawn masala" (is that correct?) ... omg... omg...

5.     What did you think about the energy of the audience?

So fucking fresh and open minded! Amazing!


“ Don’t stop the beat! ”

6.     Would you recommend touring India to other artists?

Of course! 

7.     Any message you’d like to communicate to the Indian audience?

Don't stop the beat!

8.     This was your first time in India, did it live up to your expectations?

Well I did not have many expectations but I was very curious to visit India. If I have to describe it with a few words I would say it was kind of "delicious chaos" !

9.     If you could take one element of India home, which one would it be?

The tremendous kindness of the people


10.  Lastly will you be back soon?

Hopefully! It would be great to come back again with Helena Hauff! Just a couple of weeks ago we were talking about how much we liked the experience in India.

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-Elena Puente Paya (Alienata)

An Interview with the legends, Optimo

Delhi, India

We had a real good tour with you guys, probably one of our best ones -  What did you think of India and the scene here?

We truly did not know what to expect… we had not visited India before either as tourists or artists and aside from a few stories from friends who have played there in the last couple of years, relaying some news about the emerging scene, we knew almost nothing. As soon as we arrived in New Dehli Jai outlined his thoughts for the tour - he explained that maybe it would be very different to what we normally experienced in the rest of the world, he was very humble, almost preparing us for the worst it felt like. Then at the first party we were blown away, literally. The sound and lighting production was exceptional, the supporting artist were so talented and sensitive and the reception from the crowd was insane. It was a sea of positive energy in front of us. There was genuine freedom to be witnessed on the dance floor and I can only describe it as a inspirational and in fact quite moving.

Bombay, India

You had the chance to see 3 cities in 3 days - what did you'll think of the shows in each city and how different were they? 

Consistent with all cities was an overall feeling of warmth from the crowd, a feeling that anything is possible and if you feel it, now is the time do it! The events varied in scale and type of location for example, there was an intensity to the New Delhi party, perhaps consistent with the intensity of the city itself, Mumbai was maybe looser but still had this insane wild energy and Bangalore which was outdoors on a terrace was different again -it went really late and of course outdoor parties are always a little different in essence so that was great to add to the whole tour experience.

Favourite meal of the tour?

We ate fantastic food - strictly monitored by Jai so we didn’t get ill! I think he was worried we would get sick and as the schedule was so hectic and there was no room down time through illness. I must say the best meal I had was the homemade Lamb Byrinani at Jai’s friends house in the countryside. This was something. Simple and amazing. 

Favourite moment of the tour? 

Bombay, India

Too many high points to choose from but something that really resonated for such a long time afterwards was the sheer numbers of people who came from the crowd to simply say “Thankyou for coming to India”, “Thankyou for bring your music to India” - it was such an absolute pleasure for us to do and we truly want to thank YOU. 

What did you think about the crowds in India and the energy here?

As I mentioned earlier, it was extremely moving and inspirational in all sorts of ways. The energy we witnessed was in many respects comparable to the energy we witnessed when dance music first exploded in the UK in the late 80’s. A beautiful feeling of “one-ness” in the room and expression through our bodies. 

Finally, will you'll be back next year?

We WILL be back, in a heartbeat! It was such a special tour for us and we hope it’s the first of many to come. Thank you for bringing us!

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- Jonnie Wilkes (Optimo)